I thought I would need to teach my child about the world, turns out I need to teach the world about my child. They see a child that cannot speak, I see a miracle that doesn't need words.




If you are reading this, then you are either expecting, or have a beautiful little bundle of joy!

Congratulations and welcome to the site!!

We also know that if you are reading this, you may have just received a diagnosis you weren’t expecting and are going through a range of emotions and processes that you may be finding a bit scary and tough.

This service has been set up and is run by 4 families who have been exactly where you are now, and who chose to use our experiences of raising a child with Down Syndrome to help families in the position of receiving a diagnosis.

We are also supported by some amazing families throughout the DS community, our volunteer link families and also by various fields within the NHS. What we hope to do is provide you with information from all perspectives to help you better understand what is going on, and what happens next.

I think I speak for us all when I say that when our children were diagnosed, it was the word Down Syndrome and the stigma that surrounded it that scared us, not the condition in itself.

By introducing you to a family within your local area, who can give you the personal low down of a child with Down Syndrome, we hope to reassure you from all aspects.

We are still constructing the site, so if there is anything else at all you would like to know, or don’t feel the site informs you of, then you are welcome to contact us. The service we provide is all completely confidential.

Love from,

The Team at Trisomcare

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