About Our Work

Trisomcare is a Charitable Unincorporated Organisation, set up in 2016, by 4 families across the UK. Our goal is to assist families from the point of diagnosis, and support them with whatever decision they may choose to make.

Charity Goals

- Work alongside the medical professions, to provide up to date information

- Work towards a more positive attitude

- Provide parents with current support and education 

- Work alongside existing groups

​Link Family
- To provide a warmer approach to support following diagnosis 

- Offer of first hand experience on diagnosis, support and living with a child with Down Syndrome

- The choice of a family to meet with you to provide support

- To provide a completely confidential advice and service

- To help with support groups

- 24 hour advice and help, as little or as much as you feel you need

Termination Support

- To provide non-judgemental support

- Provide access to support networks

- Equip women with the information to make an informed decision
- Provide them with support, if required, throughout


      Useful Links

- To provide an unbiased approach towards changes in the approach of Down Syndrome as a whole

- To update current information handed to parents upon diagnosis